Tuesday, February 22, 2011


for the men who climbed high steel.
erected buildings in freezing cold.
frost in their beards,
walking sideways on beams,
on high steel.
you deserve a union wage.
for the teachers who put up with unruly kids,
were threatened in urban neighborhoods,
and had their cars smashed up,
by gang bangers,
yet continued to show up for work,
even though their lives were threatened,
you deserve a union wage.
for firemen who braved burning buildings,
saved babies from smoke, and sure death,
risked their lives for us,
you deserve a union wage.
for the policemen who protect the innocent,
make our streets safe,
put their lives on the line to stop crime,
you deserve a union wage.
for those who run the bulldozers,
work in the tunnels, and on drill rigs,
in shitty weather conditions,
who crawl on their bellies, to get a job done,
the right way, the first time,
you deserve a union wage.
for all the politicians who lambast the unions,
and pander to the elite,
saying the unions are the problem,
you don't deserve our respect.
You sold out America and the people who build it.

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