Monday, November 26, 2012


it's the people you know...
love 'em and hate 'em
i do
'cause i still can't understand them
with their bombs
and their billboards
scarifyin' the earth
with nonsense
and texting
and the kardashian worlds
with jersey shores
a veritable hurricane
of bullshit
and flotsam and jetsam
floating on a tsunami
of disaster
of ideas
or lack therof...
for it ain't right
to write
or text
when someone asks tenderly for
your attention
and the people
return your kindness
with bombs
and billboards
and nonsense
the insanity
of this world
makes me long
for fresh turned topsoil
and montana skies
midst cowboys
with haggard faces
tobacco on chins
red eyed bullozer men
whiskey on breath
and smiles
full of honesty
for these are my people