Sunday, November 13, 2011


how many times must i make the same mistakes
feel the pain
before i am through with it all
through with sitting in shooting galleries
looking at the blank stares
the hopeless hustle
the danger it takes to get there...
just aint worth it

but when i'm rushin' on my run
i'm invincible
and the nod is good
everything makes sense
and no-one has it better than me
until i'm sick in the morning
and i search for the brown substance
borrowing from peter to pay paul
watching for the man
and finally making the score

always believing that tomorrow will be different
always knowing the lie
keeping a corner of my mind ready for the truth
the cold, harsh realities of my life
ever consuming
the reaper waits for me
and it's no big deal
for who am i?
no better than anyone else
we all end up the same
how many times must i ponder these realities?
'til it's over

and sweet jesus takes me in his arms
and the pain is gone
just like the thrill
and i meet my loved ones again
and the desperate urgency is gone
and there is nothing to long for
in my eternal bliss
and many times i have this dream
to survive my life

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