Wednesday, March 14, 2012


heroin addicts in L.A., shoot up in the morning
then they prepare smoothies with alfalfa sprouts
and other green things...all organic
go out an run five miles
then go to so-called creative jobs
in film and screenwriting
and i catch all the mistakes in the shows
i swear i'm going there to check scripts
'cause i find the mistakes every night.
i wonder why they don't lose their jobs?
must be relatives of big time people
who help them get clean periodically
i don't like their strangeness.

i like the honesty of Chicago junkies
they shoot up in the morning
drink 2-day-old coffee
3 day old bear claws
look out the window at street scenes
then nod off in a closet
playing guitars with five strings
then hit the streets in the late afternoon
for the hustle
they aren't pretenders
unless they need to scam you
they don't want a job
they just want to be left alone
it seems there's more honesty in this
i like their strangeness.

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