Sunday, March 18, 2012


don't call me mitt
just go away
you wake me at nap-time
what more can i say?
the more you call
the angrier i get
i can't even smoke
a damn cigarette
you fuss and you bother
for my friggin' vote
just quit callin'
you ain't got no hope
your waxy hair-do
and cover-boy looks
i've seen 'em before
on political crooks
you call me at night
during my "fave" tv shows
when i'm taking a dump
or counting my toes
it's endless bombardment
not money well spent
on a workin' class guy
who can't pay the rent
so just go away
with your wife's cadillacs
give me a break
pay your fair amount of tax
i know you would fire me
like old donald trump
so quit this bombardment
yah republican chump!

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