Saturday, March 10, 2012


he was fuckin' right
old f.n. wright
man of words, and jokes and verve
who always left in his wake
love and cheer and made everything jake
he loved his harleys and golden brew
he wrote them poems for me and you
he served these good old united states
he suffered with demons
from war-time aches
but he smiled with humor and joked his way through
we here at my house loved him too
he called my debbie the "scrotum nailer"
we laughed and joked about his trailer
we looked forward to his coming back to his home
the cornfields of the midwest
so he'd be not alone
we both had dreams of days to come
i planned on them
just told his son
but frank went on to his reward
if god's a biker
big frank has scored
i'll miss you buddy
this is true
i hope we meet
when my days are through.

1 comment:

  1. thanks for the blessings and the tribute rich :) uncle fred will live on through our own creativity! i still can't believe he is not a phone call away....
    love and light to you and yours
    natalie wright