Monday, April 16, 2012


death comes dressed up
in many ways:
as a card shark in a tuxedo
or as a nice pair of legs in high heels

it isn't prejudiced:
it takes young and old
white or black
yellow or brown
male of female
rich or poor
intelligent or moronic
republican or democrat
muslim or christian

it has a sense of humor:
taking boy scouts
young marines
guys who just got a clean bill of health
grannies on their 100th birthday
anyone at anytime...
in the most ridiculous situations

death is a joker
a savior
a cruel punisher
a lover
an enemy
the end all
and most mis-understood

until we die
we know not...death
the ultimate trip
the big one
the final curtain
the last gasp

so live
don't think about death
leave that to the poet
or the soldier
or the cancer patient
the alcoholic
the drug addict
the emergency room physician
the mortician
the bomber pilot

just know one thing:
none of us make it out alive
have a nice day

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