Sunday, April 15, 2012

twisted words

are these twisted metaphors
with which i speak
going to undo
my cerebral peak
to elucidate
the things unseen
will eradicate some things
i mean

and the storms of protest
from my words
will often make
me feel absurd
but i press on
though not complete
my twisted words
are mine to keep

onward soldier
use your gun
make your bullets
hit the sun
fire those words
without the woe
make them sting
and hurt and slow
those anal people
who have no mirth

fire them soldier
ignore the hurt
to you and them
it matters not
the war is here
the twisted lot
of people yearning
for the truth
fire them now
don't be aloof

for days end comes
all too soon
and death watch twists
my poet's gloom
so i fire on
with words of fate
my fragile body
but the war is good
and i'll never leave
until my words
have gone from me

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