Friday, April 20, 2012

IN '95

in '95
i was a chicago roustabout

2 packs of marlboro reds
a go-cup with booze
into my pontiac
i went
wearing leather
dialed into the blues

it was friday night
the job was done
off to wicker park
to the galleries
the taverns
the dancehalls
it was so much fun

'til the wee hours
24 hour restaurants
bacon and eggs
strong coffee
back onto the xpress-way
the ultimate cruise
feeling quite high
no traffic in sight
i had nothing to lose

seeing the sunrise
plopping in bed
sleeping 'til afternoon
fixing my head
with more cocktails prepared
for saturday night
these were my actions
it was quite a delight

'til sunday did come
and it came with a thud
my head was aching
i was a dud
for monday loomed
i had to get well
to start a new week
my personal hell

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