Friday, June 8, 2012


seize the day
yeah, sure
the day seizes me
in either palm
one is sweaty
the other one frigid
it depends on the season
of my continual discontent

when i open my eyes
the sun frightens me
i'd rather have clouds
they're more truthful
ominous clouds
makes the hurt more acceptable
as i think of humanity

the drunks headed to the bar
at ten-in-the-morning
to have an eye opener
watching game shows
all joyous laughter
between coughing jags
and brown pleghm
spit up on the floor
or in rust stained urinals
why are they happy?

seize the day
wild-eyed poets like me with no talent
self-absorbed artists who paint with mud
and think they're the new warhol
movers and shakers in cheap plastic shoes
who lease cars to impress
the clients who never buy from them
wealthy bastards
holed up in offices
hiding behind mahogany desks
hoarding money
looking over shoulders
worrying about the deal
hated by their families
the day seizes them

no control
we have no control
books are written
great paintings are painted
some endure
most do not
we care about all of this
for we want immortality
someone to remember us
because we are special
when in fact
we are nothing
the day seizes us
as we spin toward our demise

so why do we try?
someday a mother's day card will be found
written by an eight-year old
the ultimate in love
and the words will have meaning
and the finder will be moved
in knowing that this child
is now dead and buried
a small legacy left
but worth it to the viewer
because we live on hope
and we live on faith
to seize the day

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