Saturday, June 23, 2012


welcome to the world
a spank on your ass
as you gasp for your first breath
and all you do is scream
and it frightens the hell out of you
then comes your first fall
and blood on the knee
then bully punches in schooyards
put your brain to work
on devious measures
to get even
and you either toughen up
or run like the devil
afraid, afraid, afraid
all the time

and at this tender age
the decision is made
to eat or be eaten by the world
the grimy, unfair world
it kicks you when your down
so suck it up, pilgrim
and build big muscles
and make the right connections
build your brain
'cause the muscles can always be hired
accumulate as much as you can
step on necks along the way
to that highest rung
on the ladder of success
some day you can be on top
"on top of the world, ma"
as cagney might say're a gansta' brotha
in control

then one day
you look in the mirror
and see your elderly father
the drunk, the asshole,
the one you swore you'd never become
and you sit alone
hated by many
loved by few
on top of the world
that welcomes you no more

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