Friday, June 22, 2012


america, where are you?
your glory has gone
you're the land of the few
no big-fin caddilacs
no pride in your lawns
just rubbish and discontent
we all feel like pawns

no hotdogs or ice cream
on hot sunny days
we fear nitrates and cholesterol
you've ruined all our ways
no packs of smokes
for a quarter or two
it's evil to smoke
so we bid "butts" adieu

no afternoon cocktails
to celebrate our days
for this is the beginning
or an alcoholic's haze
no family reunions
the cost is too great
we all sit at home
and furtively wait

for sickness or death
in hospital beds
they've become too expensive
so we stay sick, instead

america of old
where have you gone?
it's sure not much fun
without your bountiful song
i wipe my tears
and think of old days
the magic of dreaming
your glorious ways

it's sure not much fun
being overdrawn
the banks took it all
so i'll just say

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