Monday, July 2, 2012


they allow the wealthy to steal
they blame a certain group of people
for the nation's problems
immigrants who come here
for a better life
who toil in the fields
who toil in the factories
who do with less
and are used as cattle

the evil ones know
what they are doing
they hide behind flags
they display false patriotism
they promote false gods
and bibles
in favor of scientific fact
they persecute intellectuals
they polarize society into two groups
the rich prosper
the poor get poorer
they send work overseas
and promote slave labor
they are against unions
they are against women
they speak of homosexuality as an aberration
they control the banks
they control the corporations
they are the few
the paranoid haters of justice
no, this is not nazi germany
this is the american political right
it all seems wrong to me

they will gather in fine homes
this fourth of july
waving their flags
spinning their webs
making their plans
in the name of democracy
for something quite different
than land of the brave
home of the free
liberty and justice for all
except the ninety-nine percent
who pay too much tax
and suffer for the corporates
and their political vampires
who suck the blood
from what was once
a great nation

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