Monday, July 23, 2012


crazy people come in all shapes and sizes
most of them are locked up
or let go by governments
some live without doing crimes
some do crimes without getting caught
many of the worst are studied by scientists,
never are executed, because they are interesting
some write blogs and receive adulations from the public
many are artists, musicians and politicians
religious leaders are my favorites
they are worse than politicians in my book
i always wonder why the murderous ones never get "the chair"
maybe i've seen too many jimmy cagney movies
seems that manson should'a gotten the chair years ago
a guy or girl who guns down masses of people should get "rubbed out"
or better yet...
let the families of the deceased have fun with him/her
issue baseball bats to the families
let them decide what to do with the crazy person
save the taxpayers some money
help the economy
the gentle, crazy people should recieve some help
don't let them wander the streets
maybe the politicians can take up a collection
give them some money
maybe the politicos won't be so hesitant to show their tax returns
and will be able to brag about how humane they are
that sure will come in handy at election time
it's sure a crazy world
filled with crazy people
it always has been
it always will be.

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