Friday, August 3, 2012


study hard in school
don't take any shit from anybody on the playground
if attacked by a group
always pick the biggest guy
gouge his eyes out or grab his windpipe
hold on 'til he turns purple
never give an inch

at work
be the first on the job
the last to go home
work 2 or 3 jobs
until you secure a better position
save your bread
don't buy fancy cars or clothes

buy real estate as soon as you can
double up on your mortgage payments
keep your body and mind in shape
don't waste your money in bars
only date girls you would take home to your mother
keep your mouth shut at work
don't gossip

protect yourself at all times
always have a "plan-B"
when you are old, diversify
buy stocks, bonds, annuities.
make sure you have enough to retire
never carry any credit card debt
this is how to roll.

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