Thursday, August 9, 2012


Man could have been great. He came out of the trees and learned to stand on two feet. He learned to walk then to hunt and with the skins of animals protected himself from the winds, the snow and the rain. He learned to seek the shelter of caves and later to build more elaborate huts. He learned to delegate authority, to farm, to gather to create art, and finally to war on other tribes for more stuff.

Greed and perniciousness now defined man. Rome and Greece rose above it all with great ideas of Democracy and beauty only to fall from decay within, because of greed, murder and animalistic behavior. Holy Wars mutilated the innocents throughout time. Most of it was done in the name of GOD. As technologies developed, man became more sophisticated in weaponry and lies. The innocents were still murdered or the lucky ones were put in sweat shops to earn money for the aristocracy.

I fast-forward to today, and see how man has developed slavery and double-speak to a fine art. Unions are bashed, state pension funds are in arrears, Congress in on a permanent vacation, human values are smashed by dictatorships. Our own politicians are suggesting that children pick up a broom to clean their schools, in order to save the states some money. We have presidential candidates either hiding their past, or not willing to show how much money they've made for the last ten years. People are hurting all over the world. Take away jobs, help for the needy, fire the teachers, the policemen, the firemen, the carpenters, the electricians, the plumbers, and up the salaries of bureaucrats, politicians, CEO's of corporations, and what do you end up with?

The IMPLOSION of a once great Democracy. Obama and Romney are more concerned about ammassing great wealth, and the backers who hold great wealth, than the commonwealth. Believe it. Neither one of them could swing a sledge hammer all day long. They never had to work for a living. In all due respect, I think Obama might make more than half-a-day, while Romney would whine, and probably sit on his ass, or try to pay someone to do the work for him. This is just my opinion after watching both FOX news and MSNBC. I have two evils to vote for, and I guess I'll vote for the lesser of the two. So far, Barrack Obama is my man. Taxing the wealthiest of Americans the same amount of tax that a working man has to pay, seems like a fair deal to me.

Maybe after all is said and done in world affairs, and the nuclear nightmare comes, what is left of us will all climb back up into the trees. Maybe this new "generation of men" will remember the past mistakes. They will climb out of the trees, learn to walk, make tools, then weapons, then go to hunt, grow food, and discover their neighbors. God help us all.

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