Monday, August 13, 2012


need a college?
just search around
not like my kids did
they went to ivy league joints
you'll have to go to community college
not princeton
not yale
not harvard
just search around
for managable college debt

need retirement funds?
forget about it
the states have squandered your dough
unions are being busted
social security ain't guaranteed
just search around
for a job in your 70's
maybe you can be a greeter at wally-mart
since we outsourced all your jobs
why not?
it's good for your health to work
since you won't have affordable health care
just search around

we are men and women of God
we want to lead your country
steal from the poor
give to the rich
we are the new robber barons
coming to your hood
the fabulous one-percenters
who have a new vision
for the wealthy in this country
hail to the banks!
all hail to wall street
search around and make good investments

oh! you don't have any money
you must be poor and lazy
the wrong color
the wrong sexual leanings
or maybe you're just a woman
search around
there's hope for you
say your prayers
be God fearing
and trust us
work hard
prosperity is right around the corner
just search around.

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