Monday, August 6, 2012


i long for those days
of adolescent haze
meeting up at the park
drinking beer in the dark
running wild on the streets
tapping our feet
to the primal beat

oh how i long for those days
of parties and muscle cars
begging old winos
to buy us liquor from bars
going to dances
and teen hops galore
wearing my best just hoping to score
a teenage queen
a girl of my dreams
to take to the drive-in
and do stupid things
to impress her and keep her
but it was all about change
'cause for a kid in the 60's
there was no home on the range

we longed for the streets
the surge of urban life
rumbles and music
cigs and delights
not enjoyed now
'cause there is fear
in the air
it ain't really clear
how to be a kid
without being cowed

i guess this is why
i long for my days
when there was'nt a future
there wasn't a past
the present was good
it just couldn't last
i long for those days

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