Thursday, August 11, 2011


nothing is certain.
of this I am certain.
but everything is relative,
and these ideas are absolute.
so, is relativity a lie?
if it is, absolutes must exist as truth.
but what of the "gray" areas?
can God exist and not exist at the same time?
probably not...
absolutely speaking.
but...relatively speaking...maybe so.
I have a relative in Wisconsin.
does he exist, even though I don't see him?
maybe he's still there.
he's gotta exist!
if a tree falls in the forest,
and no one is there to hear it,
does it still make noise?
I dunno.
my wife tells me not to think so much.
she says, "it gets you in trouble".
I gotta admit that I agree with her,

1 comment:

  1. Big foot is wary of your thoughts...he stays in the gray areas and disappears in the moss..."There he is...and there he's not" He exists as a lie until he craps his last crap! Or does he? I have no wife to stop me.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! They've never found his crap? He needs no maps! Does he need to wipe his crack? mj