Friday, August 26, 2011


i fight their war
inside of my head
i dodge their bullets
i am not dead
my reflexes quick
i move godspeed
to enemies quarters
where i feed
my bloodlust is now everywhere
to fight with me
most will not dare
i'm the universal soldier
a mindful thug
i fight for concepts
i do not love
my human body
is offered or bought
by richer men
who know naught
of wars and things
in the physical sense
they fight their wars
with a rich man's sense
with other mens blood
in board rooms they fight
with money they spawn
and spread their blight
so onward they send me
off to my grave
this is moral to them
for i'm a "mindless" knave
they buy their way out
they don't pay a tax
in gated communities
they smile and relax
but if i survive
and i'm counting the days
i vow i'll come get them
put an end to their ways.....(postscript---

Only 2% of Congress have a son or daughter serving in the US military. (USA Today, January 3rd, 2007). The great majority of people bearing arms for this country in Iraq or Afghanistan are from the poorer communities in our inner cities and rural areas. The incentive for these young adults are enlistment bonuses and educational benefits.

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