Monday, August 8, 2011


plaintive cries
of these blues fill my room
fears creep up
the ageless drone
seems more contemporary
yes, now
is the definitive word
is now being cursed
seems armaggedon is at hand
as diseased polities
lift cancerous heads
to the sky
denying illness
like alcoholics
who deny their disease
the blues are here
for many folk
whose plaintive cries
are not heard
in the now
the definitive word.

1 comment:

  1. No real splanin this old world
    No splanin nuthin bout boys and girls
    No splanin why we churnin and burnin
    No splanin what we losin and gainin
    No splanin water and wind and rainin
    No splanin drinkin and stinkin and drinkin
    No splanin aging and agid and aging
    No real splanin pancakes for breakfast
    I think I'll cook me a stack for dinner