Saturday, August 6, 2011


i'm fine
i did my time
now it's your turn
to get burned
listen to the lies
it don't apply
to me no more
i shut the door
on the fools
with their rules
they promised me things
fancy gold rings
"just work for me"...
they said
they got in my head
and now it's too late
i cannot escape
the webs that they weaved
i was deceived
by political games
and backbreaking lanes
on the highways to hell
i built them as well
with the sweat of my brow
the capitalist cow
is now actually dead
enough now is said
i go to my bed
no dreams in my head
but i'm fine.

1 comment:

  1. Your heart and spirit are clean. Leave the filth where it belongs, in the flesh! The flesh is complex. There lay a mystery of color and texture and herpes simplex! It covers an unknown universe of interdependent systems with trillions and trillions of messages transported and downloaded in a trillionth of a second...and they say we have a choice?