Saturday, February 12, 2011


The movie, "Black Swan", directed by Darren Aronofsky is a masterpiece. Immediately the viewer is struck by how closely the camera follows the frenetic movements of the beautiful Natalie Portman, as she travels the streets of New York, prepares herself for the work of "the dance", and suffers physical and mental torture to gain the number one role in Swan Lake. The music of Swan Lake is superb, as is the editing, story development and angst of our protaganist.

Get the buffer out and shine up an Oscar for best actress of the year. Ms. Portman, definitely deserves it. She is absolutely amazing in the role. It comes as no surprise, because she studied dance since the age of four. Her lithe body and beauty, much like that of Audrey Hepburn, borders on the anorexic. Natalie's portrayal shows a dedicated ballerina's mighty highs and lows. I felt as if I wanted to hug her as a father, and guide her through the difficulties her character encounters. Many themes are woven in this drama. These are themes of creative genius and madness, beauty and terror, obsession and compulsion. Much more cannot be said, for I will destroy the impact of the movie and performances. Surrounding Ms. Portman is a wonderful cast. Most memorable is Barbara Hershey as her overly doting mother.

Having a daughter who performed with Von Heideke Ballet Company, I was moved to tears by this monumental film. For those in the creative arts, this film is a must see. I came away from the film with tears in my eyes, and an existential emptiness. Yet, the majesty of the event, and what was accomplished by this brave film made me smile. I understand from past experiences what demons the dancers of the ballet have to deal with in the practice of their art, in order to be "perfect". The movie made me question if perfection and obsession for art in all of its forms is absolutely worthwhile. I leave that decision up to you.

Do not miss this movie if you are obsessive about your love for the arts. You will never forget it.


  1. A beautiful endorsement and review....thanks for sharing Rich! mj