Saturday, February 19, 2011

I KNOW...a story?

i know what the problem is.
don't tell anyone i told you.
i'm afraid of being arrested.
it's the phone company,
the internet,
GPS systems,
black ops,
the CIA,
the feds,
the police,
they're watching all of us.
yeah, right now.
facebook is a sham.
it's a monitoring device.
they record all that we say.
big brother is here.
orwell was a prophet.
they're going to put me in prison.
intellectuals will be the first to go.
the books are going to be burnt.
then they'll go "all tribal" on me.
they will dance around the campfire,
like primitives.
it's all a big conspiracy.
the news is fabricated.
it isn't real.
it's all made-up.
they want us to be afraid.
and we are.
do you notice the surveilance cameras?
they're everywhere.
they probably have bugged my house,
my car,
my office.
they are watching me.
i'm getting off the internet.
i'm burning my cell phones.
i'm selling all that i own.
i'm going to leave without a trace.
i hope they don't find me.
i'm leaving with my cash.
this is my only chance.
i have no other alternatives.
i know what they're up to now.


  1. I cannot wait for your next blog from an undisclosed camouflaged server that is protected with multiple viruses and a disguised address! You will be the lone voice of the people and our last hope of freedom. Farewell my brave friend...look me up in prison! mj

  2. we can be cellmates...say what shade of lipstick do you wear?