Saturday, February 26, 2011


America is a dying cow. Everyone wants to suck at the withered teat. The stronger push the weaker ones away. Naturally they grow hungry and angry. The wealthy drink the poison milk, then spew their vituperative proclamations. The rich defend the makers of armaments for wars across the world. After all, war is a profitable enterprise. Republicanism demands dependency on oil, coal, natural gas, deforestation, and relaxation of the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Business must be THE first priority.

The old, union baby boomers are a thing of the past. Destroy their unions so they won't be able to collect their pensions and health and welfare checks. Just think of the money saved! Damn those dinosaurs who built America! Turn the young ones into a slave-class of worker drones. Take away their right to collective bargaining. They can go back into the sweatshops. This is regress my friends, not progress! Democracy has taken on a new meaning...corporate complicity. Money is the bottom line. Not human rights or ethics. The Constitution is being re-written for those in power. Non-union wages mean lower taxes at the end of the year for government. Every arm of government will get less without the unions, because union wage-earners will make less and buy less.

Will Wall Street and corporate America foot the bill? I think not. This new economic posturing by the tea-bagger Republicans reeks of totalitarianism, not capitalism. If they have their way, the "grand elite" will rule the day. The masses will feel the whip lashes on their backs, once again.

A government that disrespects its teachers, firemen, policemen, tradesmen, bus drivers, scientists, and intellectuals is damned to mediocrity. The government we have now in place in America wastes close to a billion dollars a day meddling in the affairs of cultures all over the world. We bring our pre-conceived notions wherever we go and try to "spoon-feed" them to people who want their well-deserved right to SELF governence.

Maybe if America used these resources to resurrect its own economy and people who work for a living, it might regain some of its dignity again and be known as "the land of the free". Let's try and feed the dying cow! Maybe it's not too late.


  1. are so right! The greedy corporates and their minions don't care about the American people, they care about profits! Which means to get around the unions...they have outsourced those jobs to other parts of the world where the labor force is unprotected!
    Unfortunately...since the middle class (built by unions) has been decimated...the government cannot collect enough tax money to pay the government workers and their incredible retirement packages! The huge multi-national corporations pay nearly no tax and are free to set up their hdqts offshore!
    So...the real losers so far are those who do not have union me!
    But since the tax revenues keep going down...the govt. has no choice but to lay off workers, cut salaries, cut benefits and cut pensions! Otherwise the debt will continue to grow out of control.
    Maybe the masses will now awaken when they see their cushy retirements vanishing.
    Maybe we will wake up and demand things raising the tariffs on all imported products so that manufacturers and entrepreneurs will have a chance to grow here. Like maybe we should stop shopping at Walmart! foolish foolish American people! 90% of all Walmart products are made in China! Wake up America! We have done it to ourselves because we have become fat and lazy and greedy and addicted to oil!
    We should also get rid of the "For Profit" Medical Industry...don't we realize that this is the reason for the never ending spiraling costs of health care! It's for profit baby...tough crap for anyone who can't make it! Survival of the fittest say the corporate elites who make billions off of us chumps who are willing to do anything to get taken care of! I say...make the entire Industry Non-Profit and highly regulated by the government! I don't give a rats you know what about getting in line for a heart or a liver or a life saving operation! Do people really think they are going to live forever? It is fear that has made surgeons and health care insurance companies super rich! We are all chumps and morons!

  2. tax the rich!...stop the wars, and bring the money home!...the repubs say the unions are busting the middle class...the unions are the middle class!