Tuesday, March 1, 2011


i was on a VIP list once.
went right to the door man.
people were lined up.
must have been a couple-of-hundred.
they wondered how i had the "juice".
i felt important.
i wore a black fedora.
black cashmere overcoat.
had my briefcase with promotionals.
i got right in.
i was on the list.
i was "somebody".
i got free drinks.
i had a girl on each arm.
i threw back my head late at night,
and did a shooter of tequila.
fell off my bar stool.
passed out cold.
i slept in the managers office.
he woke me up at closing time.
after all, i was a VIP.
i left the city at 5 a.m.
couldn't find a place to piss.
i ended up pissing in a sink.
it was at a yellow cab garage.
i looked disheveled.
the cabbies yelled at me.
i hauled ass home.
i was a VIP.

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