Wednesday, March 9, 2011


i was in my late 20's
still young and dumb, and full of cum...
as "they" say...
whoever the hell "they" are.

I lit a cigarette in my pick-up truck
it was a hot, sweaty day,
and i just worked a twelve-hour shift
on a ghastly construction job.

and i needed a beer
and i saw this young female
sticking her thumb out on the road
and i hit my brakes
and my truck squealed to a stop
and she got in

and i looked her up and down
and she was a "looker" with red lips
and full breasts
and i asked her if she wanted to get a beer

and she said "no".
so i pulled over and told her:
"get the hell outta' my truck",
so she gave me the finger
as she left

and i looked at her lovely ass
and it swayed magically
and i thought about it
as i sat at my favorite stool
in the tavern
and the first beer went down good
just like all the rest.


  1. You made the right decision Rich! I on the other hand would have tried another line like "How about we go back to my house...I'll pour some tequila while you get naked...I'll dim the some Moody Blues...and we'll make wild passionate love all night long until we run out of booze! What do you say doll?"

  2. You're a lot smarter than me, Mike!