Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i remember the twang of the guitars
willie and waylon
and johnny cash
it was the company picnic
jack daniels black
endless kegs of beer
and ribs on the grill
smiling faces
replaced the tunnel frowns
we played softball
like we meant it
smashing each other
and laughing like hell
and the children ate cake
and the wives cackled like hens
and we were happy
my special brotherhood
of tunnel hands
were kings for the day
and we let our wives
drive us home
as we slept
like our babies
happy and well fed
but we were drunk too
that's a fact
and the wolf
was not at the door
and our muscled bodies
told us we would never age
and on monday
we came back for more
double jacks slamming
pipe going in the ground
bentonite pumping
all was unwound
and we sweat and cursed
and hugged one another
and were proud to be men
in the tunnel

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