Monday, March 21, 2011


and so i walked that dusty railroad track.
i didn't know where i was headed.
but, i was dirty
and looked like a bum.
i was in texas,
near the border of mexico.
i had little money,
no real memories,
just bits and pieces of my past.
like a record that skips,
and doesn't give satisfaction.
i saw some smiles,
and some of the violence.
i knew i had no home anymore.
and i didn't care.
strangely peaceful was this feeling,
not caring what comes next.
and then it all became clear to me,
that the next was alright.
so i kept walking.
i walked con dignigad,
into mexico, por favor.
and the next was bueno.
and then it began,
and then it was done.
it went malo.
so, i found myself walking back.
i walked down the same dusty track.
and i was dirty like a bum.
and i remembered...
some of it.
not all.
and it was alright with me.
and i smiled.
because i knew,
there was the next.
and that was good enough.

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