Tuesday, March 8, 2011


a man finds ways to even up the score.
i wasted hours in my working life,
by pooping on company time.
i hid in bathrooms.
i hid in locker rooms.
i stole cash from the till.
i always "dogged it" when no-one was around.
my bad behaviors were only perpetrated,
against evil employers.
a man has to learn tricks,
to keep his sanity.
he needs to get even:
for low wages,
bad conditions,
insults to his humanity.
It felt good to screw with them.
fight injustice with treachery.
i think of what i owe them now.
and i come up with zero.
not a damn thing.
they hired high-priced efficiency experts,
who figured workers behaviors.
they added us screwing off and stealing to the costs.
yeah, the cost of doing business.
the bottom line is always in favor of the owners.
so poop on them.
anyway,they pooped more on me.

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