Tuesday, March 15, 2011


i heard a sea of poets,
over my long years
of the destruction,
the desolation,
the desecration,
of the nations
of this world.

and now
as Japan melts down,
once wearing the crown
of economic renown.
it is now engorged
with death and fear.
and through this year
the mideast burns
with polity spurned.
but no powers see

both east and west,
see no more
from shore to shore,
as obama dreams
of "the final four".
we rule no more
for madness has come...
and man has undone
the balance of mother earth.

i heard a sea of poets,
over my long life,
on all matters of things
to no avail.
so put me in jail
for my words.
truth is a pill.
more bitter still,
are the realities we see
on national tv.
for the end is now here.
they all laugh and sneer.
still, nobody hears.

1 comment:

  1. The cars and homes look like little toys. Look....there's a bus just floating along...there's a door, a window, a stroller, lawn chairs, clothes, shoes, purses, sunglasses and cell phones and family pets taking a wild ride on the tsunami wave. And now a nuclear melt down! Nothing exciting ever happens here in the boring state of Illinois!