Monday, March 28, 2011


she always wanted her windows sparkling clean.
she handed me the warm rags dipped in vinegar and water.
i was on a step ladder behind the evergreens
to wash the picture window
she always said, "be careful you don't fall"!
she quickly handed me a dry rag to finish
she ran inside and checked for streaks
and pointed them out to me
we did the whole house this way twice a year
i enjoyed the smells of the cookie factory
next door to mom's house
i also painted window frames and gutters for her
cut the grass and trimmed the hedges
cleaned her grease trap
fixed the furnace and other things
plastered ceilings and walls
it was a labor of love
she rewarded me with home made german-polish food
and good whiskey
we sat and talked about so many things
i miss her so much now
she lived to a ripe old age of ninety-four
i never heard her say a bad thing about anyone
she was solid as a rock
she never shirked her duties
she loved unconditionally
she wanted her windows clean
so she always had a clear view
and that she did

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