Wednesday, March 30, 2011


i loved you at first sight
when you walked into the bar
smelling of cheap perfume
and you disregarded me
which made me love you more
and i pranced about you
i puffed myself up
and showed you my colors
and won you over
time was my friend, back then

so i loved you when i had you
and i gazed at you through my alcoholic eyes
and you smiled at me
and spiked your vein
and we argued about money
then we kissed and made up
and we went on the lam
on city streets
we whored for money
and always seemed to find a way

i loved you when i came home drunk
and my dinner sat in the garbage can,
still warm like my heart
and you blindsided me with the iron skillet
and threw my clothes out the window,
along with my shotgun
and i laughed
then you laughed
and we made love

i loved you when i threw you out
i shook with so much rage and hurt
i thought that i would die
and you were afraid of me
and you never returned
but still i kept on loving you

and later, much later when i saw you again
you served me eggs and coffee
in a dirty diner
and you swung your lovely hips
and you had a few more wrinkles
but they looked good on you
and you smiled that sultry smile,
that only you could smile
and i smiled back at you
because i loved you


  1. Honesty is the best policy! Honesty brings the best writing! Honestly! It's true! You are the most honest writer I know! Honest to goodness! Rich...we have walked similar paths...but you are much more honest! I will give you that! Keep us honest Rich! That is your richness! mj

  2. two make me want to write a book of just poems...thank you!