Friday, February 11, 2011


i always have to clean up some mess.
it might be in the house
or out in the yard
or things i have said
or decisions i have made
nothing is ever clean
in this messy life

idyllic is for me
a perfect world in harmony
with little birds that sing
and women with their bling
that come to me
so happily

oh bullshit
it's still a mess
my truths i must divest
accept reality
as far as i can see
the messes of the world
as more news is unfurled
to my unreceptive brain
i'm foolish to complain
it's always gonna' be
a mess for you and me

so get out your broom
and rags to clean the room
as soon as we are done
there's more where that came from
it's hopeless can't you see?
this mess, reality.

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