Monday, April 18, 2011


i remember
my delmont 88
black leather
bench seats
power rag-top
in black
400 cu. inch
caddy engine
I-beam suspension
never got caught
for detention
i was 25 in 75
or maybe 26
had a gal
named pat
and a few more
on the side
they all got down
with this particular ride
and all of the year
was summertime
it was sublime
no winter days
no elderly haze
in my delmont 88
she was just great
i would brake torque back then
if i had the yen
and i wasn't shut down
i wasn't no clown
i was savvy you see
a player, that's me
with a smoke and a brew
no seat belts or spew
about green earth type things
i did my own thing
on southside flings
where chicago swings
it all was so neat
it couldn't be beat
in my 88'
it all was so great.

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