Sunday, April 17, 2011


i sat in the farmhouse
i built it just for her
she was young and lovely
but now
our hearts weren't on the same page

i gave up drinking for three months
the winds blew drifts of snow
'cross the open cornfields
i viewed ten acres, north of our land
i watched football alone on sundays

i paced the floors
i wondered where she had gone
then i ran through the snow drifts
ten mile a day in combat boots
i killed my pain

my body grew strong once again
though i still passed some blood
and as springtime came
i took a drill rig job
a rig on midnight shift
twelve hours a night
and ran ten miles a day

i knew i would leave her
so i packed my bag one day
and she begged me to stay
but we both knew it was best
so i 'drug up' from my job
and i hit the open road
so i could feel free
once again

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