Friday, April 1, 2011


and as the desperate winter left
i found myself pacing the floors
i had no work since november
and now it was the end of march
the coffers were empty
and so was my heart
i was nervous
i longed for the union hall
the call would come soon.

so i only sat in the tavern
from noon 'til three
i did side jobs
anything for a buck
the holiday joy was over
for a long time now
by the end of january
depression set in

my drinking picked up more
in february and march
now, spring was showing signs
i was back to work in april
and after a few weeks of monotony
i wished it was winter again
by summer my body was sore
i was baked by the sun
beat up
so i prayed for rain
rain was my saviour

on those rainy days
i entered the tavern
i had bills in my pocket
not just spare change
i saved for the bleak winter months
never enough...never enough
again and again i lived the cycle
and it got old
and so did i

so now it's all over
but i'm still here
it's april now
i'm not nervous, anymore
i notice the buds on the trees
i write these memories
and i'm finally at peace
the cycle is over

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