Saturday, April 16, 2011


he failed in marriage
he failed in business
he writes poetry now
and it is good
he never gets around to publishing it
he puts it off for another day
but that is ok
he is my friend
that is good enough
he is unlucky with girls
gives away more than he takes in
has a mild manner
a quick wit and smile
he loves to play softball
chicago style
he lives the blues
for real
so help all the guys
in this cold, harsh world
who are like my friend
guys who have children who love them
guys who always welcome stray cats or dogs
and always have an extra sofa
for miserable hacks
like me


  1. Hey, I think I know that guy? He is slightly delusional but isn't everyone! 16" Chicago Softball is the best! Love ya Rich!

  2. Love you too, buddy...I have to show you the literature my friend and famous writer, F.n. Wright mailed to me...You will love it! Getting all my honey do's done, so I can go to S.I.U. and Memphis...I will stop by before I go...Still planning on May 21st!...I hope we make some $$$...later my dear friend!