Tuesday, April 26, 2011


ain't nothing prettier than the rio grande,
and the pure, blue skies of new mexico.
i like to take the back roads up to taos.
they narrow to a car's width.
sometimes it's dangerous up there.
there's rattlesnakes down south in las cruces.
wealthy folks pose as artists in santa fe.
even so, i dig canyon road.
i like hot sauce with my eggs,
and chilis too.
albuquerque's metal sculptures
are beautiful in the town square.
as i pass through, my 18 wheeler rolls toward texas.
and there she stood
her thumb out, blonde and proud.
and i picked her up, 'cause i had to.
her hair was full and curly
and she wore lovely silver star earrings.
she was a goddess in tight blue jeans
a work shirt,
and beat up cowboy boots.
she smelled like the sun
and two days later
she kissed me in tennessee.
and before she kissed me
she said, "come closer cowboy,
I want to smell the full bouquet
of the whiskey on your breath."
and i felt free
'cause she wanted me.

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