Thursday, December 1, 2011


the kings sat at their conference table
and demanded from their minions...
"why don't you fill our coffers"???
the minions looked nervous and perplexed as they spoke:

"oh mighty ones, the people have no money anymore...
violence rules the streets and they are up in arms...
the whole world and all your kingdoms are threatened by strikes...
the fields aren't being tended...
and the wheels of production in factories have grinded to a halt...
all is in turbulence and revolution."

"so we are broke"???...the kings lamented.
"yes sires", their minions offered with false sincerity.
"you will have to go to work, dear kings...
and make things work once again.

"but we have no skills, damned minions!"
"make those vermin work!"
"we do no labor in the fields...we are not:
pipefitters, plumbers, auto mechanics, dishwashers,
bartenders, waitresses, equipment operators, factory workers,
electricians, educators or tradesmen in any sense of the word!"

the kings hung their heads in sorrow.
they realized that they had killed their "golden goose".
"nothing can be done", the minions said...
the world is in revolution and people are unionizing world-wide...
they work for themselves now, and will prosper with a new world order.

"but what are we to do?", the kings said...
"we have no skills, and can do nothing?"
"you die in the street, like the lazy dogs", answered their minions.
with that, the kings retired to their chambers.
some commited suicide, others just waited for their fate.
the world had finally come to a just balance.

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