Monday, December 12, 2011


there should be a warranty on me
i can get one on everything else
my cars, appliances, techno-gizomos all have warranties
why not me?
i think i might even buy the extended warranty
seems like a good idea to keep the devil away
for five-hundred years
where do i sign the dotted line?

but alas, no one wants to save old men
exceptin' maybe for a few old women out there...
god bless 'em!
and i wonder how much it would cost?
i'm sure the government would be against it
they don't want to pay me social security for that long

i ain't worried about it anyway
any society that gives a depression pill for a depression pill,
has no fears about old zombies wanting extended warranties
no oldsters i know want to go to the hospital
and lose their life savings
they all want to leave what's left to their spoiled brats

that ain't how i roll!
i'm gonna' blow my wad before i croak
buy a new cadillac
and a new lid
i'm gonna' have an "amsterdam good time"
and party my way out
screw the warranties.

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