Tuesday, December 6, 2011


i remember the real christmas
mom, dad, brother and sis were still alive
we were poor, living in a three room apartment
an ice box, no tv set, just the radio
and we used to listen to radio programs, play cards, and laugh.

we didn't know we were poor
'cause we had each other
and we learned tricks to survive
and spread a buck as thin as an anorexic runway model
liver and onions was like prime steak to us
we were happy 'cause our bellies were full

so now i have everything
beautiful home and cars and family
and no money problems
but mom and dad and brother and sis are dead
i am the last, and this fact saddens me
'cause i never knew how much i'd miss them
they truly understood me...now i understand
and with them died the depression era mentality we shared

'cept i still have it in my soul
and my wife and daughter sometimes chide me
for my thrift and old time ways
but i keep strong anyway...
'cause you never know when the wolf may show up at your door
and i love them and would take a bullet for them
and they know it in their hearts...
this is how it should be

i can't show them the old christmas
it would cause them too much pain
they have too much in their lives
but a lot can be said
for having much of nothing
and still being happy with it
the simplicity of making one's own joy
has been immeasurably good to me,
and to me this is the real christmas

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  1. Hardship without bitterness and loss without resentment are transformed into the virtue of character for which you are a prime example. Be at peace dear friend and have a great holiday.
    Martin Hunter