Sunday, December 4, 2011


i'm seriously, serious
though sometimes delirious
in cerebral ways
my thoughts won't stay
they sometimes run
it ain't much fun
collecting them
starting over again
with cogent lines
that take some time
to entertain
and cause your brain
to ponder words
perhaps unheard

but that's to presume
i'm in attune
to creative verse
for which i thirst
but we all know
it just ain't so
though try as i may
my words aren't enough
just recapitulated stuff
from deep within
but i start agin'
with some hope
and a serious grin
to entertain
not wreak some pain
on readers here
who need some cheer

so read on folks
the sadness
the jokes
the stories i tell
from heaven and hell
from earth
and the skies
sometimes truth
sometimes lies
though you may find these words
i'm just tryin' to be

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