Thursday, May 17, 2012


corpulent masses supersize meals
at mega-eateries in the land of mass consumption
as giant sedans roll by with ultimate horsepower
on their way to expansive shopping centers
to accumulate more, more, and more of the same
garbage strewn throughout city streets
unused, abused, never enough for the maddening crowds
of capitalistic urges seeking to own the world
'midst blackberrys, iphones, ipads, ipods, dvds,
cds, gameboys, stock market ticker tapes, selling,
buying, short, long, mutual funds, equities,
lottery tickets, looking to score, on the move
america, the beautiful is on the make
and it was started by the likes of dinah shore
seeing the USA in her chevrolet
and the light bulbs came on in reagan's head
sponsoring general electric's theatre program
pap for the masses, while uber-corporates made the plan
of supersize me and own that vacation home
a ward, june, wally, beaver cleaver world for sure
it just ain't jake, no more
'cause someone has to pay the piper

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