Wednesday, May 23, 2012


i like saying, "screw it!"
get pissed off
sneer at your enemy
throw down
put the gloves on
stand eye to eye
make a stand
throw your bill cap on the ground
face the clown
posture and postulate
angry ways to harm
let fists fly
get hit
and come back for more
screw it!
it feels good
better than dying inside
like a bookworm
living life in anaesthesic bliss
like a slug
no chances taken
hiding in a closet
of perpetual bliss
and taking it up your ass
with a smile on your face
this is dying my friend
screw it!
be hard
be mean
but do it for the right reasons
stand up
shoulders back
head erect
i tried serenity
anger works more efficiently
and gets more done
when the walls come in on you
kick back
and say screw it!
it's time to take a stand

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