Tuesday, May 15, 2012


rich men suck
up to one another
in mahohany boardrooms
and sink teeth
deep into jugular veins
of the weakest
of their ilk
and smile over
the dead carcasses
as blood drips
down chins
and cufflinked wrists
wipe off victory
from gaping mouths

like snails
leaving trails
of mucous
they blaze trails
over america
and other lands
this wide path
in god's name
the godless suck
everything of value

rich men suck
and masturbate
each other
over bottom lines
and fictitious realities
and phony paper
they lie outright
they give you dreams
and suck you in
then spit you out

rich men suck
life right out of you
as they constantly tinker
play golf
and drive themselves mad
with constant work
and worry
over too many things
they shouldn't have
like vacuum cleaners
inhaling more
they cannot stop

until the plug is pulled
and the current stops
and the machine is dead
and the stillness is manifest
and it is a great silence of
a perfect dream
and the perfect end
to the insanity
of rich men.

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