Wednesday, May 16, 2012


i had a nose bleed in the night
i thought it was only drool
i emerged from bed to bathroom
for another piss
three-a-night for this old man
then i peered in the mirror
horrified again at what i saw
but more-so
blood on 'stache and goatee
prizefighting with myself i s'pose
then i frantically washed pillow cases
amazed at the amount of red
that came from my septum
i cleaned up like a crazed serial killer

then fixed my morning brew
coffee is a good vein constrictor
i pondered stroke possibilities
as i jammed cotton into the nasal passage
i opened the paper and read news of the world
my head held back
arms extending the news of the world
twice horrified on this fine morning
thank you god for this day
thy will be done
then i ran for miles
intending to stroke out
testing the gods
rolling the dice
fuck it
and i'm still here
i'm still here

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