Monday, May 28, 2012


uncle dick served in WWII
he hung communication lines
on the outskirts of manilla
i believe.

he climbed the poles
as japanese soldiers took pot-shots at him
he climbed every day
saw his comrades fall
their life expectancy on this job
was really low
he did his duty anyway

my brother told me he cried when dick left
for the big war
my brother jim was just a boy
dick told him he'd be back
not to worry
dick did come back
shell shocked and shaking
he had a hellish couple of years
with the drinking
then he pulled himself together

when i was born
my brother insisted
that my mom and dad name me after dick
i am proud to have his name
i call him every veteran's
and memorial day
he is 87 years old
my brother jim,(fifth army) would have been 76
jim passed away, but i still have my uncle

i think of all my veteran friends today
my brother jim
my grammar and high school pals
the ones who've died
the ones who've survived
and i thank them all
this is my duty
bless you all.

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