Saturday, June 18, 2011


Raise your glasses high, for all the fathers of the world.
For the fathers who died on the battle fields.
For those who returned home, and continued to love.
For all the fathers who take care of their children.
For all the fathers who didn't run out, because of adversity.
For the fathers who worked in thankless jobs,
and jobs of great importance.
For the fathers who changed diapers and told stories.
For the fathers who wiped away their little one's tears.

Also lets celebrate the fathers who spoke of peace and love.
Fathers who said to their children,
"A book can take you anywhere in the world."
Fathers who fostered dreams and seemingly, unreachable goals in their children.
Let's celebrate fathers who openly cried with emotion,
or helped their wives plant flowers in their gardens.

Let's forgive our fathers, even if they were not kind.
Sometimes, being a father is not too easy.
Love your kids, dad.
Kiss and hug 'em.
Always tell them that they're the best.
Tell them this, even when they fail over and over again...
and by God, most will end up being the best.
Happy Fathers Day, to all you lucky men who have kids.

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