Monday, June 6, 2011


i remember being 20...
and my summer daze
at the beach all day
dancing to the tribal music
psychedelia in the sun
we had so much fun
these were my ways

nubile hippie goddesses
swinging their hips
oh me! oh my!
it was my paradise
southern illinois

we went back to their trailers
or mine
sometimes cheap apartments
sharing a joint, a seconal,
or just some wine
but we ended up making love
as we listened to the doors
or maybe joplin
or the group, it's a beautiful day...
and it always was

drinking cheap bali-hai
or old milwaukee beer
$1.49 a six-pack
my summer was endless
it was a state of mind
i'm so glad it's still here
it hasn't left me
an old dadio
gettin' on with his show
and i'm content
for my summer daze
my young man's ways.

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